13 Colonies Special Event Stations

13 colonies certificateIf you’re a certificate hunter, there’s a special events operation going on right now.  It’s called the 13 Colonies, and there’s a special call sign in each of the original 13 colonies here in the states.

The callsigns range from K2A to K2M.  Work one, and you can send for a very nice certificate.  Work all 13 (not that hard – I’ve worked 9 of them tonight) and you get a special endorsement.

For more information, see their website at http://www.13colonies.info/

3 Responses to 13 Colonies Special Event Stations

  1. Fred - AF7S

    Now have all but K2A and K2B. Also looking for WM3PEN as the bonus station.

  2. Fred - AF7S

    Now down to just needing K2B, but can’t hear him on 40, either last night or this morning. Hoping he goes to 20 later.

  3. Fred - AF7S

    With all the power outages for the last week in Virginia, K2B, the Virginia station has been very elusive. But even if I don’t get this last one, it’s been a great event, and I’ll make note of it for next year.

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